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Deco Planters

Priced From 2,500.00 - 30,000.00
Usually ships within 21 - 25 days
  • Deco Planters
    Deco Planters
  • Deco Planters
    Deco Planters
  • Deco Planters
    Deco Planters
  • Deco Planters
    Deco Planters
Product Name:
Deco Planters
Manufactured from 1.6mm mild steel or Stainless steel. E-coated and powder coated. Includes steel liners. Driptrays optional. Various colours to choose from. Various designs to choose from. Never plant directly into your steel or stainless steel liner. Always use a plastic liner for planting. Acids in the soil will cause the planters to rust. Always keep your stainless steel products clean to keep the surface free from any corrosive residue, this will also avoid future rust problems. For more info on products care feel free to contact us.
Frame Material:

Mild steel - E-coated and mosaic finish
Mild Steel - E-coated and powder coated finish
Mild Steel - Rust and clear coat finish
Stainless Steel - Grade 304
Available finishes:

Additional finishes not applicable
Mounting Details:

Additional floor brackets for mounting
Brackets for wall mounting
Company branding
No mounting brackets needed
Powder Coating Color